Diligent, kind and thoughtful are just three of the words used to describe Rey.

She has been a great source of support to her classmates over the past year and her constant friendliness and positivity has inspired others – especially during the challenge of lockdown.

Rey is a true digital enthusiast – immersing herself in the intelligence behind the technology we all take for granted.

Rey says she has found a new unique perspective on how the digital world works, through her BTEC. For example, she mentions that we all use phones, but few realise the thought processes involved in UI design; like ensuring they adapt to accessibility needs and user expectations.

We asked Rey about her ambitions after college. She said, ‘As we live in a technologically advanced and dependent society, I think it is key to understand IT. All businesses will require IT professionals to keep their systems safe, manage projects, develop software and so on. I knew by choosing BTEC DIT, I would keep my career options open and learn invaluable life skills allowing me to outshine others both professionally and personally.